I finally got my car back this morning, with an extra $230 charge on the bill. That was painful, but I accepted it and tried to get on with my day. Unfortunately, there are some negative influences in my life right now that pushed me to lose my patience.

It was contained well, all things considered. I try to stay as positive as possible, but the past few weeks have pushed me incredibly hard toward a place of anger.

So I came home, went to the cabin, turned on incredibly loud, angry music and went through my warmup in a fury:

And the simple warmup had a strange, calming effect. I’m grateful for that.

Once I got to work I did three small, simple tattoos for a group of friends, but didn’t get photos.

What went well?

  • I’m a stronger person after overcoming the obstacles of the week.
  • My car is back!

What needs work?

  • My stress levels.
  • Managing the influence of others over my mood.

What did I learn?

Obstacles make me stronger. Obstacles make me stronger. Obstacles make me stronger.

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