Today is my 3-Year Wedding Anniversary! The plan was to take the kids to a sitter and spend some time relaxing together at home…but our kids had different plans.

So today ended up being less relaxing than we had hoped, but I still managed to squeeze in a little bit of a warm-up and some gestures at home.

Some digital warm-up exercises. I’m still not as comfortable as I used to be with digital art, but it’s all about practice, not perfection.

By the end of my gestures for the day I was actually feeling pretty good and warmed up. These are probably some of my favorite digital gestures that I’ve managed to do. Toward the end, anyway. It actually made me want to keep working, but today is about making my wife feel loved, because I do love her quite a whole lot. ?

What went well?

  • Sticking to my dedication to a daily practice.
  • Fun gestures toward the end of my warmup!
  • Discovering a new brush in Krita that I really like.

What needs work?

  • Mommy and Me (I) are both exhausted, so we need some rest. Gotta get the kids a sitter soon!
  • Accuracy in my warmup.
  • More structure and deliberate practice with my warmup.

What did I learn?

As much as I love systems, sometimes I just need to step back, be present, and enjoy some time off.

Session: #8

Duration: 0.50 hours

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