I had an awesome, big energy day today…but I spent most of it working on a new project and running errands. I still wanted to make sure I got some REAL drawing time in after yesterday, so I knocked out a warm-up page at the end of the day:

This was, admittedly, incredibly rushed. I regret not getting my art time in sooner, and not keeping up with my warmup pages as I was getting very much consumed with an exciting new design.

So I did some quick 30-second gestures to counter the feeling like I was cheating on my practice. It helped, and it was fun to do. I now feel somewhat accomplished for the day, even if it was a micro-win.

What went well?

  • Fun gestures!
  • Errands are done!
  • Editing for my big collaborative project is done!

What needs work?

  • Drawing early, even if I feel like there’s too much to do to fit it in anywhere else.

What did I learn?

I can STILL celebrate the small stuff!

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