I got half-way decent sleep last night, got a good block of work in during my AM work block, and felt like tackling the day with everything I had.

I didn’t have GREAT energy, but I had a TON of motivation.

I knocked out my warmup page bright and early:

I did this page with some INCREDIBLY loud music playing. It makes me grateful for my cabin. I can feel the bass and it doesn’t bother anyone else.

I spent the rest of my morning writing, brainstorming, and recording episode 3 of The euCreativ Show.

Once I made it to work, it was time to start a large blackout project. I didn’t do any artistic tattooing in the process, but spent a lot of time discussing options with my client on how we could proceed with a killer design on his arm in the future.

Harry Potter sleeve, here we come!

What went well?

  • Getting some fun ideas for drawing.
  • LOUD music.
  • Connecting with a client.

What needs work?

  • Energy management.
  • Figuring out what my wildly important goals are evolving into.

What did I learn?

Connection with clients makes a HUGE difference in tattoo satisfaction.

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