I woke up pretty low on energy today, but still pushed through a rather intense workout, nailed my AM routine, and spent some time with the kids before making myself go take a nap. I knew it would put me behind a little bit, but it was worth the time spent in bed.

After my early nap, I managed to get to the cabin and work on a bunch of the urgent things on my to-do list, then ate lunch and came back to the cabin with my son.

Instead of trying to mix work time with love time I did something different today — I sat and bonded with my son for about an hour. We learned about feeling words, counting, coloring, how to read a book, and just had a great time together before I sat down to do my drawing.

A simple warmup page. It went better than I expected.

Then I did a page of gestures. They didn’t feel quite “right” today, but I still enjoyed doing them. And then I worked on a client design for tomorrow. Gotta stay on top of those tattoo designs!

What went well?

  • Bonding with my son — separating work time from family time.
  • Working ahead on client designs.

What needs work?

  • Getting my sleep dialed in a little better. I want to feel great when I wake up, not sluggish. Last night FELT like a good night of sleep until a little bit later in the morning.
  • I’m on an art hangover today. LOTS of art time yesterday made it difficult to be consistent today.

What did I learn?

When I give my son 100% of my attention, we both end up a lot happier as a result. I shouldn’t try to get work done around him, but he shouldn’t be in the cabin with me while I’m trying to get work done, either. It’s a balance.

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