Today is day 100 of consecutive art days in a row. I’ve always been a very dedicated person when it comes to my practice, but 100 days ago I finished the quick redesign of my site and decided not to take Sundays off from my art practice anymore.

This…feels like one Hell of a milestone for me!

I broke my own routine today, though — and skipped my warmup page to get back to work on THIS beauty:

And I went ahead and sent the design to my client, which I normally don’t do. I may have gone a little bit off-script from his request because I got incredibly inspired by the Gryffindor house crest…

But he loved the design! It was a relief and a huge boost to my confidence to get approval for something that I worked so hard on.

This seems like a good opportunity to explain a recent experiment that I’ve been trying — seeking rejection. It helps me develop a thicker skin, and it pushes me to do things that I might not normally do.

Sometimes I get rejected, but I prepare for that. And sometimes…the unexpected happens and you get approval or permission to do the thing that you really want to do. Because people WANT to help you do things.

Give it a shot!

What went well?

  • A good chunk of drawing time in the AM.
  • Creating a piece of art that I’m incredibly happy with.
  • Recording something special.

What needs work?

  • Low energy — I had meetings ALL DAY. But it was worth it.

What did I learn?

When you have a big priority…don’t let anything keep you from it.

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