Not a great night’s sleep, but a great morning! I got some writing in between kid cuddles in the AM, then caught a photo during my hike to the cabin that looked sharp on my phone, but was blurry once I got it on a big screen:

Still, it’s good visual fodder for the stockpile.

Once I got settled in at the cabin I did my warmup:

Those are probably some of the best warmup ellipses in the “atom” that I’ve ever pulled off. Feeling really good!

Finally, I spent a whole lot of time on this design for a client. It’s nowhere near complete, but I like where the concept is heading:

After lunch and a family outing I edited video for CreateQuest and did a lot of administrative stuff that isn’t creativity-related.

What was awesome?

Playing with ideas for an interesting concept.

Going out with my family.

What needs work?

I’m feeling a bit rushed on this design. It needs to be ready in 2 days and there were some things that I didn’t foresee being an issue. I redrew the chain 3 times (very tedious) before I found something that looked believable.

What did I learn?

Timing chains are a pain to draw!

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