Another smooth, clockwork morning for me! I finished up the lantern as soon as I got to the cabin — and added a swallow to the mix later during my drawing session. Speaking of which — the cabin has doubled my electric bill this Winter! Ahhh!

I think I’ll need to set a fire in here that’ll warm it up. I have a kerosene heater that I need to start using…

A decent warm-up page.

And some really fun gestures. 30-second and 2-minute.

What went well?

  • Looking into the history of tattooing again.
  • Managing to get my gestures in.
  • A focused art morning.

What needs work?

  • Finding more time for art later in the day.
  • Maintaining focus through the rest of the day.

What did I learn?

Simplicity makes things challenging AND fun. Restrictions in any sense do. It’s hard to work without boundaries, boundaries make things interesting.

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