Not a lazy Sunday today, more of a crazy one.

Well, I DID catch a nap earlier, but the rest of the day has been spent working on planning, marketing, drawing, playing with the kids, cleaning, cooking, and just…doing lots of stuff and things!

I felt pretty unfocused during my warmup today. My son hurt himself climbing on a chair, the kids were demanding attention, and I just couldn’t get in the flow.

Working on my gestures was pretty frustrating with interruptions today. These 9 gestures took me about 35 minutes because of interruptions. I’m trying to stay mindful and present with my family, but daily drawing is incredibly important to me.

I decided to call it a day at this point. I’d planned on working through some of my client drawing for the week, but I’m too distracted, it’s too late in the day, and I don’t have the focus necessary to pull it off.

What went well?

  • I kept the streak going!
  • I get to go spend time with my family now!

What needs work?

  • Managing distractions.

What did I learn?

I may end up going to the cabin to work on drawing and my weekly reviews on Sundays from now on.

It removes me from my family, but it also removes distractions, which means I’ll be able to get more work done in less time, resulting in more QUALITY family time on Sundays.

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