Today was a busy, busy day. Fixed a lawnmower, did a consult, ran errands, then I sat down toward the end of my day (with my allergies trying to kill me) to work on the Dark Mark design.

I feel like I’ve made pretty good progress on the design. Getting the perspective grid for the scales was a bit of tricky business, but for a quick design it turned out.

I’ll refine the design tomorrow after everything I have to do for CreateQuest. I see some perspective issues with the fangs on the skull that will need to be resolved.

What was awesome?

Pulling a design together for a client, and doing it with just three values! Four if you count the underpainting / canvas. Still, I’ve found this design a ton of fun to work on.

What needs work?

Being able to quickly imagine perspective to speed up my working process.

What did I learn?

I need to get my drawing time in first. No matter what.

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