Thursdays tend to be my super-creative days. I take the day off from tattooing, I work on CreateQuest with Chris, I catch up on creative tasks that have fallen behind through the week. Today was no exception.

I finished up the design for the Dark Mark tattoo this Saturday.

This is going to be a blast to tattoo. I also worked on a value composition for a tattoo next week:

I like being able to take the pressure off a design by working with just value studies. It’s…relieving.

And, of course, I had an awesome conversation with Chris about the next steps for CreateQuest.

What was awesome?

Doing more value studies! I want to play with some negative space smoke in the robot design as a good frame on the arm. I’m happy with the punchiness of the skull and snake. It’s just…nice. šŸ™‚

What needs work?

Low-ish on energy today. I also didn’t get a chance to draw this morning, which means I was low on steam once I started. BUT — getting into the drawing and painting energized me a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to have more energy at the end of my drawing session than I started with.

What did I learn?

Getting into art is a great way to get energized. And I still need to draw in the mornings.

Also, taking allergy meds at the beginning of the day does wonders to keep my face from exploding. šŸ™‚

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