Bright and early work on CreateQuest with Chris! I’m excited to announce that CreateQuest LLC is an official business entity!

Chris and I had an incredibly lengthy conversation this morning about the direction of CreateQuest, what our minimum viable platform needs to be, random distractions on music, and the next steps we need to take with CreateQuest.

After that conversation, I went to work to tattoo for 3.5 hours on the Dark Mark piece:

This was an incredibly fun piece to design and start executing. I just haven’t had the opportunity to finish it. The design is much stronger as a result of the course I’m taking, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to continue pushing my art further.

Now…I just need to wait 6 weeks to get back into it to make the splatter pattern more finished, clean up and build line weights toward the back armpit area, and continue the design of the sleeve!

What was awesome?

CreateQuest LLC…it has a nice ring to it. LoL

An incredibly happy client, a cool design, and family time at the end of the day.

Executing something with higher contrast.

What needs work?

Figuring out how fast I can work a little more accurately. Sometimes it’s just difficult to determine how much I’ll get done.

What did I learn?

Skin quality, size, and fit of a design make a huge impact when it comes to judging how long a tattoo will take. Price my time accordingly.

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