Well, I started editing the podcast this morning, thinking that I had a noon appointment. The appointment canceled because of COVID exposure (which is good, I’m glad they didn’t come in and expose everyone at the shop), but that made the goal for the day a little bit different.

My wife and I spent the next few hours trying to get prepared for the next ice storm, expected to hit on Sunday.

After storm prep, I continued to edit the podcast until that was finished, and realized how late it was, so I did a warm-up page and called it a day.

What went well?

  • Getting the propane in my cabin working! Yay!
  • Not breaking the chain.

What needs work?

  • Really zeroing in on my AM routines.

What did I learn?

I need to do art time EARLY, even if I think I have a tattoo later in the day.

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