My mind is elsewhere today. Horribly so, actually. I woke up insanely early today and couldn’t get back to sleep, and I’ve been distracted ever since.

Some of it is revolving around the election (I won’t discuss my political views online, so don’t speculate), some of it has to do with being exposed to SARS-COV-2 within the past week, some of it has to do with the mountain of extra work I’ve taken on lately to keep the household running.

Not smoothly, mind you, but running.

With everything going on, I was having trouble focusing on…well…anything. My morning routine was bumpy, I went to Occupational Therapy on sleep deprivation, I came home to the news about potential COVID, and I had to start rescheduling appointments.

Everything was hazy with stress and sleep deprivation after that, but I decided to go ahead and work on getting my warm-up done, anyway. It’s one of the things I had control over, so I did it to the best of my ability.

For my warmup and gestures both, I was elsewhere, like I said earlier. The screaming kids didn’t help much, but I can’t hold it against them, it’s my son’s birthday today.

I just have to keep focusing on what’s in front of me. Right now, there’s a LOT in front of me, but I have to keep moving forward, one thing at a time.

What went well?

  • Not much, other than carving out the time to draw with everything else going on in my life. I still carved out the time to draw.

What needs work?

  • Pre-input wins. I shouldn’t have picked up my phone this morning. Not until much later.

What did I learn?

Not every day is going to be a good one, and I know that. The trick is to rebound and stick to my protocols (and hit at least my minimum) every day.

Tomorrow I get to learn whether or not I have COVID. Wish me luck and fortitude, please.

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