I decided to try something a little bit different today! I started drawing BRIGHT and early at home instead of waiting until I went to the cabin. My thought was that if I at least get my “floor” done early in the day, the rest of the day would go smoother.

Since I didn’t have a way to set up “perfectly” to use a keyboard and my tablet at home, I went ahead and programmed the express keys on my pen display…and WOW what a huge difference in my workflow!

Now I just need to do the same thing to my desktop in the cabin. LoL I can’t believe I’ve been using this display for almost a year without using the express keys. They’re a lifesaver.

My warmup went well today. I tackled it fresh in the AM, even if the kids were being loud and distracting.

And I felt GOOD and loose during my gestures today. Some of them were a challenge, but I still enjoyed doing these and I’m happy with the results. I decided to try tackling the 30-second gestures more in the method described by Nicolaides in The Natural Way to Draw.

What went well?

  • Bright and early art time.
  • Getting my express keys set up on the Gaomon Pen Display.

What needs work?

  • I have difficulty with reclined poses, especially from the back.
  • I didn’t have time to work on art for the rest of the day, unfortunately.

What did I learn?

I still need to be trying to do my floor for drawing first thing in the morning. It makes the rest of my day go so much better. That’s what I’ll try tomorrow.

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