I ended up ACTIVELY burning 1,000 calories yesterday. Not just passive burn, but active. I did a super-tough workout yesterday morning and walked 14k steps through the day. I really don’t know how.

I’m feeling the soreness today and it had a pretty bad impact on my sleep, too. I started my day feeling a bit foggy and hungover, so I decided to take today off from the hard workout and focus on my recovery as I moved through the rest of my routine.

I still planned on getting in my steps and doing at least 450 active calories burned.

The muscle soreness also had an impact on my warmup page today. I didn’t do nearly as well with the layout OR the execution today.

As much as I struggled with my warmup, I didn’t expect my gestures to turn out as well as they did. I studied some Steve Huston before I started this, then I did some 30-second gestures first, and some 2-minute gestures to finish it off.

Unfortunately, I had another block of specific work walled off after I finished my studies and my gestures, so it was time to get to work on THAT project, even though I was having fun and feel like I’d dropped into a very nice flow state.


And I spent a few hours on this tattoo before going home for the day!

What went well?

  • Making time to relax today. Oscillating.
  • It was incredibly refreshing (and even a little bit surprising) to walk into a clean cabin today. I forgot that I’d cleaned it yesterday! Hah!
  • My gesture studies went really well today.
  • I got to work with one of my favorite clients!

What needs work?

  • Not over-working myself to the point of exercise hangovers.

What did I learn?

After every plateau there is some growth, followed by a backslide before you recover. Sleeping on a new skill seems to help make it better!

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