Today started off great! I woke up extra early (after going to bed extra early last night) and got my studying in before the kids were awake.

It’s also the first snow of 2020 in Kentucky today. I got to walk to the cabin bundled up in my pea coat, sit down in the cozy cabin, and get straight to work today.

I started off with a decent warmup page. I’m happy with the quality of my ellipses, but not so much with my circles.

Some 30-second and 2-minute gestures to get my arm loosened up. I really enjoyed doing these today.

Some more 2-minute gestures. Some of the second round of gestures felt a little stiff, but I’m happy with them overall.

Next up — a pineapple for an appointment later this week. I really enjoyed building line weight on this to make it look nice as a tattoo. 🙂

What went well?

  • An awesome, smooth morning.
  • Getting drawing time in early on errand day.
  • Working ahead on client drawing.
  • My gestures were fun today! And challenging.

What needs work?

  • Finding a way to loosen up some of my stiff gestures.
  • Making more time for art on errand day!

What did I learn?

I do my best when I have an early start. I need to keep that routine as much as possible, but it’s a little difficult to do lately.

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