Brrrr. The ice really rolled in last night. I’m fortunate that we were prepared for the storm, and I got extra-lucky and didn’t lose power this time ’round.

BUT I ran out of propane to heat the cabin today, so my work space was INCREDIBLY cold. I ended up throwing in the towel and bringing my drawing tablet to the house to do my warmup and some gestures:

The circumstances aren’t ideal, but I managed to stick to my practice today. I just wish I’d done my drawing somewhere other than my bed. My elbow kept hitting the pillows and I couldn’t sit in a comfortable position. Ah well.

What went well?

  • Getting my drawing time in.
  • Feeling prepared for whatever storms roll in.

What needs work?

  • Back to no heat in the cabin…for now.

What did I learn?

My drawing monitor fits in my backpack just fine if I don’t put it in its case. And here I’ve been toting around a huge monitor outside of a convenient carrying container for months and months…

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