Google was down this morning! What?!

Yeah, oddly, Google being down means my morning routine was a bit “off.” I never realized how much I depended on Google services until this morning.

Google is the home for my calendar. Google is the home for my library of ebooks. Google Drive hosts MOST of my files that I use on a daily basis. I use an Android device and Google has…well…most of my life.

That’s absolutely astonishing. So I had trouble looking through my schedule, doing my morning studies, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to access my pose folder for gestures this morning.

Fortunately, Google is back and I’m good to go, even if I’m running a little bit behind.

Onward to a discussion about posture, though! I usually draw with my tablet propped on my legs and desk, but I thought I’d try to work on it the “appropriate way” today. To save my spine and give me more range of motion.

Between changing up my posture and doing a rather intense arm/shoulder/upper back workout this morning, I was a little sloppy on my warmup page. But I kept the streak going!

Some quick 30-second and 2-minute gestures. The last one was INCREDIBLY challenging.

But I felt like keeping the session going, so I did a 5-minute pose that I’m super-happy with. I started to take this one to a finish, since I got mad at the last long-pose I did. šŸ˜‚

I started to tighten the structure while doing my best to preserve the gesture, then mapped some of the shadow shapes. I need to start working on the face soon, the most intimidating part of any figure drawing (in my opinion).

What went well?

  • Google came back!
  • Lots of art time today.
  • Finding a gesture that made me want to take a start to the finish.

What needs work?

  • Google controls too much of my life.
  • I need to get some prints soon!

What did I learn?

I learned how to fix part of my website. šŸ™‚ That’s always nice! I also learned that starting is awesome, but taking something to a finish is…well…amazing. And I haven’t done that enough with my drawing, recently.

Tattoos, yes. But not much for ME. Not much that I want to just…do. On my own.

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