Another incredibly loud music morning, and I skipped my warmup page because I felt the itch to finish up this piece.

I’m going to call this one finished, though I see some things that I would change if I started it again.

I’d like to tackle my next piece with a bit more of a Leyendecker and Mucha approach. Those are the styles that I love the most, so…yeah.

Then I worked on a client design for tomorrow’s appointment. Should be a fun one. 🙂

A bit more of a final render to show my client what I had in mind.

What went well?

  • Loud, loud music. I cranked it up to 11 again.
  • Finishing a piece.

What needs work?

  • I need to study hands a bit more. The foreshortening of the hand in the upper stage left just makes her hand look…stumpy. Figuring out how to communicate that is going to be something that I have to figure out.
  • Facial features on smaller face drawings. Where’s the balance?

What did I learn?

I’m excited to piece together the puzzle of the things that are bothering me. I would also enjoy a critique on the dancer piece. That will help me more than anything, I think.

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