Yeah, birthversary. That’s the best I could come up with today. It’s my son’s birthday “get-together” today (the party got canceled) and it happens to be mine and my wife’s 7-year anniversary for our first date!

So I was hoping to get the drawing time in early today. That didn’t happen. And my drawing time was also interrupted quite a lot by phone calls and computer issues. So of the hour of drawing time I got in…I maybe actually DREW for 45 minutes.

I’m pretty happy with how this warmup went. Not much time to elaborate today.

And some gestures that kept getting interrupted. Oh, and I accidentally deleted 6 gestures that I was surprisingly happy with. The first ones I did!

What went well?

  • I’m in an incredibly happy relationship after 7 years of being together. 🙂
  • I got to draw.
  • I updated Krita and love the new release.

What needs work?

  • Interruptions while I’m drawing.

What did I learn?

Airplane mode is my friend!

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