Due to me being incredibly irresponsible last night, I didn’t feel so great today. I just stayed up far beyond my normal bed time, and I’m feeling the effects today. So I used the fact that it was a weekend off-day to recover a bit.

Even though I was feeling rather horrible, my warmup went incredibly well.

And some 30-second gestures to round it all off for the day.

What went well?

  • Recovering as much as possible so I can show up at my best next time.

What needs work?

  • Paying attention to my protocols that I KNOW work for me.

What did I learn?

I already knew it, but today reaffirmed that I need to do what works for me, not just what I feel like doing in the moment. We all make mistakes, and staying up too late last night for entertainment was a mistake. No biggie — I just need to do better next time.

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