SUPER long day for me. I struggled on another lettering design for a good portion of the day. Seriously…hours. But with some help from a shop-mate, I managed to figure out a simpler solution that I can handle.

My warm-up. It was a little more difficult to do at the shop without my drafting table, and I didn’t have good lighting. But it got done.

Gestures for the day. I’m not incredibly happy with them, but…well…I’ll take it as a win.

And the lettering design of my nightmares. I don’t do a lot of graffiti style lettering, so this should be an interesting tattoo to work on! Tomorrow. Yeah.

What went well?

  • The shop meeting went well today.
  • I managed to get some drawing time in.
  • I had help with some lettering that I was struggling with.

What needs work?

  • I’m up incredibly late working on art right now.
  • Lettering is a struggle. It’s something I should really practice more.

What did I learn?

I may want to reconsider doing lettering tattoos, or study up much more on lettering for future tattoos. I know that it’s something I’ll have to learn and apply, so…yeah. It might be time that I start doing that.

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