I woke up ready to tackle today with enthusiasm! I had an idea in my mind immediately, then had to get to work on it. I outlined an entire course for CreateQuest and organized it to begin filming ASAP. The course is going to be about marketing your creative services in an ethical way. I’m torn between titles, though. “Selling Your Art Without Selling Your Soul” or “Rethinking Creative Marketing.”

That was a fun exercise of creative thinking for me, regardless.

After that, I spent the morning with the kids before heading to the cabin for some work time. I did my warmup quickly today:

Not very good compared to yesterday’s, but I was excited to work on Imperium:

What was awesome?

Working on a piece I love and refining it into something better than it was.

What needs work?

I really need to move more throughout my day.

I wasn’t present with my warmup, so I don’t think it was an effective one.

What did I learn?

I need to take my time during my warmups to get the real benefit of DOING the warmup. Even if I’m impatient to get to work on something else.

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