I got an early start today — and much of it was spent trying to get comfortable with my new seating. I invested in a good desk chair to help with my back pain. I think I’ve poured more money and energy into getting my back pain under control over the past month than most people would deem necessary.

But chronic pain sucks, and so do pain meds, so I’m trying to pinpoint an actual solution instead of masking the symptoms with something that has entirely too many side-effects. New mattress? Check. New chair to tattoo from? Check. New chair for my desk in the cabin? Check.

I stand and move a lot more than most “normal” people, but the next step is going to be a standing desk lift for my desk in the cabin. That should help with gestures, too.

Anyway — to the warmup:

I’m happy with the warmup! It was more challenging today for a few reasons; my son was distracting me during the warmup, and the new chair changed my posture enough that the muscle memory felt “odd.”

I got the chance to work more on “Mystery” which I’ve decided to retitle “Imperium” –

Today I worked on sketching in some structure for the feet and blocking in the hand, then adding some base coats for skin and a few shadows. I’m enjoying how this piece is coming along.

In the afternoon I did two tattoos on one of my regular clients — and had a fun time! But my car died.


What went well?

  • Progress on a piece that I’m loving.
  • Tattooing one of my favorite clients.

What needs work?

  • My car needs a lot of work.

What did I learn?

It’s time to push myself to accomplish more with a piece of art. I’m beyond excited!

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