Oops! Forgot to post yesterday, but I’ve been making progress. I spent 4 hours working on CreateQuest yesterday — writing and web development. And I worked on getting a client design ready, which I finished up today:

It’s finished enough to tattoo, now I just need to apply it and make it shine.

I also dusted off an older piece today, excited to make a little more progress. I wanted to move beyond the pose and start roughing in a scene:

Seduction and power go together nicely.

I capped off my day by doing some game prep for a solo Pathfinder game with my wife. I need to enjoy more hobbies. That’s coming along very nicely.

What went well?

  • More time on CreateQuest.
  • Prepping for an appointment.
  • Dusting off an old painting.
  • LOADS of creative time.

What needs work?

  • I wish I could do creative exercises all day every day. But life happens.

What did I learn?

Flow is a tricky mistress. When you finish a work block craving more…well…that’s not fun. I love getting so engrossed in a project that time disappears. It’s when time comes back into the picture that it sucks.

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