Awesome morning today! Up early, lots of studying, drawing on time. I really can’t ask for more. Except maybe not having a FRESH tattoo on my ribs. That’s a very uncomfortable spot to heal and it kept me up a little bit last night.

Still, no rest for the injured! LoL I can tell that my healing had an effect on my ability to focus on drawing today during my warmup.

But I had fun moving on to my gestures.

Enough fun to keep working on them a little bit longer after studying some more Steve Huston.

Then I tattooed a pineapple on my client’s ribs. A very bright, colorful pineapple.

After the tattoo, I sat down and did some gesture instruction with my apprentice and my coworker, which was a lot of fun!

What went well?

  • Saturating color in my tattoo.
  • Fun gesture drawings and studies.

What needs work?

  • Energy while my body heals from a tattoo.
  • Lines on ribs.

What did I learn?

I should have tried harder to convince my client to move the pineapple to a different location. Her skin on the ribs was NOT a good option for a graphic tattoo, but I wasn’t sure where the tattoo was going until she arrived in the shop.

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