Today I got straight to work on my client design that I started yesterday. It went though several iterations today, but I’m happy with the final line work.

I haven’t built all of the lines to the thickness I would like them to be. Some will be thicker, others thinner in the actual tattoo, but the skeleton is ready.

What went well?

  • A TON of art time.
  • Creating a design that my client is excited about — and one that I’m equally as excited to do.
  • I taught an art class today! To a 12-year old!

What needs work?

  • I need more time for myself. I just realized how incredibly full my schedule is. It’s a bit…insane.

What did I learn?

Clear project outlines make a project go MUCH smoother. I need to consider that when doing consults. Get ALL of the details. All of ’em.

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