I started my day with a value study! Just a quick 10-minute speedsketch study of a painting by Matt Dixon.

The goal isn’t accuracy so much as it is to analyze the composition of light and dark. How did he get the impact? How did he emphasize the focal point?

In this case, it was a light-on-dark focal point with a c-curve pattern that leads the viewer through the composition. I like it. 😀

CreateQuest Work

After my drawing session, I spent some time working on a new logo splash for CreateQuest videos, then edited the first premium lesson for a course on CreateQuest (known as quests, of course).

It’s amazing to see things coming together on CreateQuest so well. I’m excited to see where this project goes!

Kraken Tattoo

And last, but not least — the Kraken tattoo. I had my client come back for one last session on this piece to add background, since I hadn’t planned it well enough during the finish-up session that we did. I’m glad I took the time to plan something out that was worth tattooing.

We will be continuing this piece with a shipwreck on the forearm once the work I did today heals up.

What was awesome?

It was nice to analyze another artist’s work to see how they created something intriguing.

Working on CreateQuest for the first time in about a week was relieving.

Progress on a large-scale piece.

What needs work?

I need to practice more smooth blending with black and grey tattoos. I tend to push for high contrast, but a delicate touch is required sometimes.

What did I learn?

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