This morning was one of the smoothest mornings I’ve had in a very, very long time. I was well-rested, had an AM routine that ran like clockwork (Meditation, Workout, Writing, Study, Breakfast, Shower).

It was awesome.

My warmup even went well. This was a fun, accurate exercise today.

I had time to tackle some gestures, so I went for it! I’m still feeling “rusty” but I don’t think I’ve let my gesture muscles atrophy too much. Need to get back to working on gestures daily. 30-seconds and 2-minutes.

Then I got really sucked into working on this drawing for the Affinity challenge. Bold, clean, simple. I like it.

What went well?

  • AWESOME morning.
  • Clean warmup.
  • Fun gestures. (Challenging, though)

What needs work?

  • More art time!

What did I learn?

The constraints of traditional tattoos are what make them so challenging — and fun!

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