I brought my good camera home! And now I’m playing with the lighting on my art. Obviously, this is a struggle right now. It has been FOREVER since I’ve tried to photograph my art, so I need to create a new SOP for getting my art ready to publish.

This morning was a bit of a rush for me. I overslept (which I rarely do) and I’ve been trying to catch up all day. Good news, though — I’m bursting with energy today!

As promised — there’s an example warm-up sheet that I knocked out today. I didn’t do my entire warm-up today because I’m under a time crunch to get a client drawing ready, but it’s something!

And some one-minute gestures! These were a little more difficult for me today, and I can’t say why. Some of the poses were more challenging, but I think the real obstacle for me is being in a rush. My mind kept drifting to work instead of being present with the gestures. That being said, I really like the exaggeration of the pose in the most upper right-hand corner of the page.

I struggled a lot with my tattoo today, it was just difficult to stretch the skin under the arm, so I feel like my lines suffered for it. My client was incredibly happy, so that’s what matters the most to me. 🙂


What went well?

  • Plenty of rest! I needed it, apparently. It was nice to have energy when I made it to the cabin.
  • My client was very happy.

What needs work?

I think I need to adjust my bedtime a bit so I can still wake up early enough to tackle my mornings like I usually do, but still get as much sleep as I did last night.

Also, I need to work on my lighting setup for photos of my daily sketches and traditional art.

The quality of my tattooing under the arm.

What did I learn?

I think I need to focus on using larger needle groupings for under-the-arm tattoos. Fine needle work is next to impossible to pull off on skin that requires such a large stretch.

OR, handle the challenge ahead of time with the design. Avoid long, straight lines under the arm or in areas with especially stretchy skin. That would make more sense.

Session: #2

Duration: 3.00 hours

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