I usually do my work using Pomodoro Timers with a cadence of 19 minutes of work to 1 minute of rest, but I’m experimenting with a slightly longer 20-minute work block, followed by a much longer 5-minute break, repeat three times, take a longer break of 15 minutes.

I don’t feel like I move enough through the day, so I’m taking the longer breaks to increase my step-count, clear my head a little more, and get back to work.

It worked out really well for me this morning, but I spent more time studying than making art. So I ended up just getting through my warm-up and gestures again before packing up and heading out to run errands. There’s a ton to do today!



Today’s warm-up page. Slightly more structured and simple. I think I might be falling into a rhythm of sorts.



And more gestures. I like today’s gestures. I tried to be very intentional with the lines I put on the page. Some were much better than others. I’ll continue to practice daily!

What went well?

  • Longer breaks.
  • More movement.
  • Economy of Line

What needs work?

  • More drawing time and intention.
  • I really don’t like how much the Conte 1710 drags on the page. I much prefer the Nero leads. I can’t wait until the new ones arrive!

What did I learn?

My monitors need a fresh color calibration…and drawing gestures with LESS is actually more difficult. But I enjoy the challenge.

Session: #5

Duration: 0.50 hours

Media Used: 

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