CreateQuest is LIVE! It LIVES! 😂

And right now (until 6/11/21) sign-ups are OPEN. Just visit CreateQuest and click the rare and mystical “Sign Up” button in the header.

THAT project has been consuming most of my energy and focus, lately. Which is a big part of why I’ve missed doing my daily creation posts.

I put in a ton of time writing for the release, from an article to promotional emails to various lists. And, of course, web development and video editing for the video course and launch videos. SO much time.

To top it off, though, I did some drawing for clients and tattoos. Here’s my customary photo dump:

And today (Sunday) I was busy responding to messages and feedback on CreateQuest, along with making my amazing wife happy by working on the laminate flooring in our home. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realized I hadn’t drawn anything, so I decided to do a warmup page!

And realized that it had been an exceedingly long time since I’d done a warmup. I skipped it one day at the end of April, then kept telling myself “Oh, I can skip my warmup, I have too much art to do, anyway.”

That…was a mistake. Tonight’s warmup page is a perfect example of memory loss. Specifically — muscle memory loss. As an artist, I rely on muscle memory to execute the strokes I want to put on the page. I won’t be skipping my warmup page anymore. I’m glad that I remember the technique, even if my muscle memory is “sloppy.” The knowledge of how to do it makes the execution easier to do, but I have to put much more thought into it than I used to.

What was awesome?

Getting CreateQuest launched after months of demanding work. I’m celebrating that win!

The robot design was incredibly exciting to work on, too!

What needs work?

Muscle memory has faded with my warmups, which means I’m less accurate everywhere that I’m doing art.

I misjudged the amount of time it would take to finish the killer robot design — by an entire 3 hours, probably. We’re going to have to do a second session and I’m eating most of that cost.

I’m tired. So very tired.

What did I learn?

I need more rest. I also need to plan for warmups every day, and start writing my posts first thing in the morning. When it comes to tattoos, I should probably estimate 75% more time than I expect to spend on a large-scale project. If it takes longer, then I won’t be stuck in a bad situation. If I finish up early, then my client gets a pleasant surprise!

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