This morning was great! Except that I woke up way too early was a little low on energy. I scheduled a nap for later in the (that’s right…I scheduled it) so I could tackle my client work with some enthusiasm.

But, bad sleep aside, I managed to get through my entire morning routine (including leg day workout) and got to the cabin in time to draw!

The usual warmup page. I always get excited when I get pieces of this exercise perfect (or close to it). It just goes to show that there is no ceiling when it comes to art or technique. You can get a little bit better — constantly. Even with the basics. Especially with the basics.

I studied more of Proko’s figure drawing course, then did a quick page of gestures this morning. šŸ™‚ These were quite fun, honestly. I did some super-simplified 1-minute gestures, followed by some 2-minute gestures. I really hate the 3rd 2-minute gesture that I did. It’s just…stiff. Which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

I had to dig this old piece of flash design out that I drew up late in 2019. Nothing quite like a metal hummingbird!

And a few more gestures before I headed back home for lunch and a nap! The nap was a failure, but I tried.

Last, but not least for the day — my metal hummingbird! This one was a ton of fun to tattoo. šŸ™‚

What went well?

  • I’m enjoying the new (old) gesture studies at the moment. Simple is challenging, for sure.
  • I recovered the notes that I lost yesterday! Yay!
  • Awesome morning routine.
  • I got to tattoo a Tufted Coquette. The most awesome hummingbird ever.

What needs work?

  • Low energy EARLY in the day.
  • I see one line in particular on the tattoo that’s bothering me.

What did I learn?

Sometimes you have to generate the energy you need, regardless of how you feel. It leads to a hard crash, but when you need energy…you’ll have to make it somehow.

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