Ahhh Mondays…I never have enough time on Mondays, even when I think I will.

I scheduled some drawing time early today, but some emergency home maintenance happened. I had to adapt and compress my art time more than I wanted to today, because my house has to come first.

Still, I feel like Urgent AND Important tasks are taking over what time I have for the non-urgent but still important tasks.

I still got my warmup done before I had to handle the house work, though!

I tried to do a slightly longer pose sketch, but was incredibly distracted while I was trying to work. After that it was time to run errands for the day.

I snuck in a few more gestures once I got back home. Still not as much art time today as I would like. And I’m completely out of gas at this point of the day.

What went well?

  • Squeezing in some drawing time when I found openings in the day.
  • I got a good workout in today, and hit my Oura activity goal!
  • I think I have everything at home pretty well under control. No more emergencies!

What needs work?

  • I need to get back to regularly doing gestures. I’m glad I squeezed a few minutes in today to hopefully maintain my eye for human proportion.

What did I learn?

Feeling rushed definitely impacts how well I’m able to do gesture drawing. Or any drawing, for that matter.

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