My days seem to be getting more and more hectic. I think I’m going to take some time to reign them in on Sunday/Monday. As life around the house is changing, I need to adapt a bit better and figure out what needs to be cut from my routines.

Today’s mountain laurel design was fun, but I had trouble figuring out how to translate this particular plant into an illustration and tattoo – specifically the petals. I wish I’d had more time to study mountain laurels and look at examples of other illustrations, but…well…production art is fast-paced.

What went well?

  • A decent amount of art time.
  • Happy clients. 😀

What needs work?

  • I’m still exhausted.
  • Understanding petals and plant structure for micro-bloom shrubbery. LoL

What did I learn?

I definitely need to reign in the large-scale work so I have more time to study and build a visual library between appointments. As I draw a wider variety of designs and dedicate time to studies I’ll be able to draw more quickly. Things are just hectic right now and I don’t have the bandwidth that I’d like to have.

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