After such a light art day yesterday, I really wanted to nail today’s routine. And I was successful!

It was awesome to walk into a super-clean cabin today to start drawing. I think this is probably one of my best warmup pages that I’ve ever completed.

And…for being so out-of-practice with my gestures, I think I executed these pretty well! 30-second and 2-minute gestures.

I also getting a start on a new tattoo design for a memorial. I went through several thumbnails on a forearm shape and settled on a simple composition. Starting with basic shapes and moving on from there.

Unfortunately, Curls and Marisa left their roles at Affinity Art Co. today, so…moving forward, I’ll be spending a lot more time rebuilding the damage to the business. For now. I have to have macro patience and micro speed. I’ll be focusing on What’s Important NOW to make sure that the business survives to provide for the families it supports.

What went well?

  • Walking across the threshold to my cabin and finding the muse. She was welcomed in by cleanliness and organization.
  • An awesome warmup page.
  • Good gestures!
  • Gaining more ownership of Affinity.

What needs work?

  • Not enough thumbnails of the tattoo design, but I can tweak it as I go.
  • Affinity just took a hit that will heal, but I have to help it heal.

What did I learn?

Sometimes…people will do what’s best for them, regardless of the damage it does to others. I need to remember that in the future.

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