Strange day for me. The AM was a bit hectic, and I was catching up on stuff before recording Episode 5 of The euCreativ Show with Chris.

After lunch I finally got around to drawing, but I was low on energy. Still, I executed my warmup page incredibly well:

Instead of working on a bunch of gestures today, I decided to work on a slightly longer pose with more thought to a motive — especially following the discussion with Chris on the euCreativ recording today.

I also worked on a design for a client later in the week:

Then went right back into the “Mystery” drawing/painting, as I have decided to title it. I’m brainstorming ideas for a setting, as I want this to evoke a lot in a viewer.

I need to move back into a bit more structure for the visible hand and the feet. And I think I’ll work on some backround in the next session.

What went well?

  • Recording another podcast.
  • Finally getting some quality vertical lines.
  • Starting a longer drawing that I intend to turn into a painting.

What needs work?

  • Low energy levels during art time.
  • Managing focus when I SHOULDN’T be working on art. 😂

What did I learn?

It’s time to push myself to accomplish more with a piece of art. I’m beyond excited!

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