Note: This is a cumulative post for 73, 74, and 75.

I still haven’t missed a day of art, but I’ve missed a couple of days of posts. That’s incredibly out of character for me.

Right now, I’m honestly just trying to recover from the holidays. It has been more than hectic in the Johnson home over the past week, but things are finally returning to normal.

On Saturday, the 26th, I did a tattoo:

On Sunday, I colored with my wife and son (but I didn’t get a picture of the page we did together). My wife is the amazing mother that finally had a breakthrough with our son’s artwork — she taught him to fill sections of the coloring page!

And today my son finally came to the cabin with his art supplies — so I was a lot distracted during my warmup page:

All of that said, though…I think today’s warmup page went pretty well for having my son in the cabin with me.

We broke out his paint today after I finished my warmup:


He wasn’t happy about getting paint on his arm. Tomorrow I’ll be carrying his art station up the hill to the cabin so he can paint on something a little more “his height.”

What went well?

  • Recovering a bit.
  • Bonding with my son over art time.
  • Bonding with my WIFE over art time.
  • Getting the home back to just the Johnson family. I love the in-laws, but it’s hectic having them occupying my home for almost a week.

What needs work?

  • Focused work at the cabin.
    • I was hoping that having art supplies would help my son be more independent. That didn’t work
  • The fingers on my “bad hand” have been tingling a lot lately and I have some arthritic pain.

What did I learn?

I still need to do my best to separate work time from love time. Maybe designated hours that my son can come to the cabin?

Also, I need to make sure I stick to my posting schedule, because getting off-track with a daily habit like that makes it THAT much harder to get back ON track.

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