Today was a CRAZY day for numerous reasons. It started with an early doc appointment for my wife, then a mad dash around town looking for some way to heat the cabin and emergency heat for the house in case of power outages during an upcoming ice storm.

Well, after THAT, I drug a 100 lb Propane Tank around my cabin (that’s 100 lb of propane in a tank that weighs much more than that), only to find out that the connections I purchased wouldn’t work without an adapter. Which nobody has in stock right now.

So…it was all for nearly nothing! I also injured myself in the process. Fun times.

But I limped back into the cabin, covered in mud, to do a warmup page at the end of the day.

What went well?

  • Not breaking the chain.

What needs work?

  • Pain management.
  • Heat in the cabin.
  • Being more well-prepared for winter storms.

What did I learn?

Propane tanks are heavy-a-f.

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