Today was insane, for multiple reasons. We DID end up losing power, and I was unable to hook up the propane to my wall heater in the cabin (no flare to MIP adapter).

We were cold for most of the day. And the kids “slept” in the bed with us for the latter half of the night. So…they didn’t sleep at all.

At around 1p we decided to brave the icy roads to get to a hotel for warmth. We didn’t want our son’s leopard gecko going to meet our lost pets in the afterlife, so it seemed like a good call.

Fortunately, we made it to a hotel safely, though it was an especially nerve-wracking trip. Once we were settled in, my son started playing in the hotel room, and nearly lost a tooth in the process. He tripped and fell into the luggage rack, which prompted a visit to the E.R. — where they told us they would be unable to do anything and to follow up with a dentist ASAP.

And then the power in our home was restored. So we checked out of our room early, came home, my wife and I put the kids in bed extraordinarily late, and collapsed on the couch.

This was the point where I realized I hadn’t drawn anything today, so I pulled out my sketchbook and started drawing an apple that my wife started to eat when we got home. It’s a horrible sketch, but it’s one that I’m incredibly proud of.

Because, even as the world was falling apart, I stuck to my daily practice. It’s not pretty, but it’s incredible.

[Image coming soon]

What went well?

  • Not breaking the chain.
  • Staying warm.

What needs work?

  • Preparation for emergency weather.

What did I learn?

I learned a lot about how resilient my family is, today. And how much I rely on caffeine.

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