I usually don’t plan my Sundays out very much. My planning day is usually a loose day, as odd as that sounds.

Today, though, since making the switch to a calendar instead of a bullet journal, I wanted to try planning my day as much as possible. It didn’t work very well. ?

Still, I got some drawing time in:

My warmup was challenged today, to say the least. My kids wanted to get hurt repeatedly while I was trying to draw some lines and ellipses. So I had to take several breaks.

After my warmup, I went to the cabin to handle my weekly review. Like I said last week — I need to isolate while I’m planning to get it done as efficiently as possible.

Finally, I tried to do some gesture drawing while lunch was cooking. It wasn’t a smooth experience. ?

It’s been about 5 days since I did gesture drawings with all of the tattooing I was doing over the past week. I missed it!

What went well?

  • Family time today!
  • Having an actual plan for a Sunday.
  • Squeezing in some drawing time, even though it got hectic!

What needs work?

  • I ended up working on my website on a Sunday. It’s supposed to be screen-free (except for drawing time).
  • Gesture drawing.

What did I learn?

Skills decline quickly when you don’t use ’em. I need to do my gesture drawing as often as possible to keep my eye and hand sharp for figure drawing. So many mandalas and very precise, geometric tattoos this week…nothing at all like figure drawing.

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