Today…was not a great day for me. I woke up in pain and couldn’t go back to sleep an hour and a half before my normal wake-up, then my wife woke up in extreme pain, as well. The sciatic pain during this pregnancy is more than she has ever experienced.

The kids and I spent the majority of the day sitting in the car while my wife was seeking treatment for her pain, mostly to no avail. I had to rush to get the basics of my day done before bed, and what little work time I managed to do was also rushed.

Bring it on. I still did my warm-up and didn’t break the chain!

What went well?

  • I didn’t break the chain on my #1.

What needs work?

  • Carrying my sketchbook in case of emergencies. I need to keep SOME drawing tools nearby at all times so I can meet my minimum when in a mad rush.

What did I learn?

I’m really looking forward to the new mattress…it should arrive tomorrow.

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