I decided to go straight to work today after breakfast, not to the cabin. There are things happening at Affinity that need some attention, and I thought being in the studio would help.

Fortunately, a lot of time to sit in the shop alone at the beginning of the day gave me time to focus on art.

My warm-up is getting more structured. Also, I like having a toned background on the screen for digital art. It helps my eyes significantly. 🙂

Gestures today were enjoyable for the first time in a long while. I started with longer timers and kept working down to faster gestures. That was a good exercise to get into the flow of gestures before getting frustrated.

I caught up on some of the ribbons for the monthly art challenge at Affinity. I’m still not completely caught up, but I’m inching closer. To be honest, I’d just forgotten about the challenge in the midst of everything going on.

I finished off the art day with a tattoo. I’m really happy with the improvement in consistency, though it’s never perfect.

What went well?

  • TONS of drawing time.
  • A very happy client.
  • Catching up on ribbon designs.

What needs work?

  • Line consistency in symmetrical and radial designs.
  • Digital accuracy.

What did I learn?

It’s hard to sit and think about right now, because I’m exhausted after tattooing, but I think I learned a good bit about tattoo application today, or re-learned it.

I hope that my consistency continues to improve at this rate for quite some time.

Session: #9

Duration: 4.00 hours

Media Used: 

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