Incredibly low on energy today. I planned some down-time based on how crappy I was feeling, but I also had to say “Bring it on!” to get my baseline habits in today.

The kids…they just aren’t letting me sleep as much as I need to, and I need to figure that one out.

For being as tired as I am today, I feel like my warmup page was incredibly accurate. I don’t know HOW, but I pulled off a mostly excellent set of exercises here. Maybe I need to be sleep-deprived more often? Nah…

And I’m mostly happy with my gestures. The same routine as before — 30-seconds, 2-minutes, 5-minutes.

Actually…looking at them…I’m really happy with them.

They communicate what I need them to communicate, the proportions are fairly accurate, and the “shorthand” I’ve been developing really shows through.

What on Earth happened?

What went well?

  • Doing my baseline exercises with precision, even though I’m exhausted.
  • Meeting w/ Chris Beaven today. We got clear on what it is we’re looking for in our weekly meetings, and we had a fantastic conversation.

What needs work?

  • The space between my PM and AM bookends.
  • Remembering the antifragile mindset.
  • The face of the long pose I did yesterday.

What did I learn?

I can be successful on my worst day if I stick to my protocols. Consistency trumps energy over time. It’d go much faster if I had some energy, though!

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