I overslept a LOT today, but it didn’t help with my energy levels. Typically extra sleep means I can get a lot done, but I felt foggy all day long, even though my sleep was both high-quality and high-quantity.

Still, work needed to be done!

My standard warmup – done at the shop.

30-second gestures to warm up for the day. I didn’t do any longer gestures because I was pressed for time (oversleeping and all).

And a Slinky Dog tattoo that wrapped around my client’s arm!

What went well?

  • Getting to tattoo a really fun design on an ever-growing Toy Story sleeve project.
  • Having any time to draw at all.
  • Experimenting with my sleep.

What needs work?

  • My energy and focus. Still.

What did I learn?

More sleep doesn’t always equal more energy. I need to keep dialing in how to get more energy.

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