I had another great night of sleep, woke up extra early, and busted through my AM routine like clockwork. Including a really extreme workout today that left my arms feeling like jelly.

I decided to go to the cabin for my drawing time just a little bit late to get some deep love time in with my family — my son and I went outside to play in the snow. He’s just getting old enough to really love certain seasons for what they offer.

Last year I would have considered him still a toddler. He enjoyed playing in the snow, but he wasn’t knocking down the door because he was excited about it. This year was a different story. He woke up at 445 and I spent the next 3 hours trying to keep his excitement contained.

So it was worth getting to the cabin 30 minutes later than expected. šŸ™‚

Between the difficult workout this morning and the snowball fight with my son, I don’t feel like I had very good control of my arms today! I’ve done worse warmup sheets, but this was a challenge!

I studied some Steve Huston and did a few gestures before I started working on some other projects. The hardest part about today was pulling myself away from art to get to work on other things. But I had to ask myself “What’s Important NOW?” and the answer wasn’t art.

Still, these gestures were fun AND challenging for me. Especially the reclined 2-minute pose.

Once I got to work, my awesome apprentice gave me a new tattoo (one of my old flash pieces that never sold) — I’m pretty happy with the results!

Ribs hurt!

What went well?

  • Playing with my son in the snow!
  • Getting my art routine refined a little bit more.
  • Getting a new tattoo!
  • Meeting with the Optimize Artists this morning.

What needs work?

  • Structuring my day for more art time with systems that handle…everything else. Except for family time.
  • Better heating in the cabin. It’s COLD!

What did I learn?

Scheduling my day works really well, even when I deviate from the schedule a little bit to sneak in some extra family time. Maybe especially when I sneak in some family time. šŸ™‚

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