Well, I finally got the chance to work with the new Cretacolor Nero leads (Soft) and I have to say — I’m very pleased.

They still aren’t quite as dark as a Conte, but they’re noticeably darker than the medium leads.

My warmup for the day. I added a vertical superimposed line to my practice.

And some gestures for the day. My son came to the cabin with me, so I was a bit distracted, but I’m happy with the gestures on the bottom!

Since today was errand day, I really didn’t have much time to focus on art today, which…sucks. BUT, I still got some drawing time in, I made some progress on web projects (including minor tweaks to the joshuagraphic.com site) and I managed to get a lot of studying done today.

All things considered…not a bad day at all. And my son came to the cabin with me (again). I love it when my kids get to watch me work on something I’m passionate about, even if they distract me. LoL

What went well?

  • Drawing during a busy, busy day.
  • My son coming to the cabin with me to draw.
  • Updating the design for my daily art archive.

What needs work?

  • Distraction management.
  • Increasing art time.

What did I learn?

Having time to focus alone always works better than splitting my focus between my family and my work, but sometimes it’s alright to blend the two — especially if my family is having fun!

Session: #12

Duration: 0.50 hours

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