Ahhh, it feels good to have the first day of the year go so well!

I’m implementing new systems to get everything done in record-time, and I have to say…I’m pretty excited about what this year has to offer!

I had to run errands first thing this morning, and when I got back to the cabin it was time for meetings, lunch, then more meetings, but I got things done in-between and did a warmup page that I’m pretty proud of. Except for the circles at the top of the page when I replaced the worn-down nib on my stylus with a super-duper-smooth one. It threw me off for a minute.

But I got the client art ready for tomorrow! I’m kind-of excited about this one, because I’m trying something a little bit different!

And that’s it for art time today. I have a long list of “stuff” for the 1st of January, so I’m off to do it!

What went well?

  • Continuing prep for an awesome 2021 — and having a great start.
  • Experimenting with line weights and angular shapes to create something that looks aesthetically pleasing.

What needs work?

  • I need to replace my nibs BEFORE they start to drag and scratch my screen protector.
  • Prioritizing art time earlier in the day when possible.

What did I learn?

I had a TON of great conversations today. And I learned that I default to my systems when things don’t go perfectly, so I’d better have some awesome systems in place!

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