Today started off fantastic! I managed to get to the cabin early, study early, and then sit down to draw early. Drawing time is when things started to get strange.

I found a piece of Nero lead that I was able to sharpen, so I went back to drawing with the Nero today (until the new set of leads arrives), and I was feeling pretty confident after my warm-up.

There were a few hiccups during the warmup, but I was still happy with it overall. The lighting situation is getting better (long story there), and I was hitting my daily goal!

Then the gestures happened. The first one I was very slow in executing, the second one was slow AND awkward, then things continued to go downhill. I couldn’t get out of my head. And then my laptop died. The compound of frustrations killed the desire to draw for a few hours.

Once I made it to Affinity, I decided to sit and do some more gestures (digitally) while I was waiting on my appointment to show up. I’m happier with these, but not completely satisfied. Not a bad micro-session, but I still struggled with doing gestures digitally and was having a ton of trouble getting the forms to move the direction I wanted them to move.

My appointment went well, it was a collection of smaller tattoos, something I usually don’t do, but my client had credits. I took photos of the tattoos, then forgot my camera at Affinity. I will update this post tomorrow when I pick up my camera!

What went well?

  • My warmup went well this morning!
  • Adding more art time when I had the opportunity.
  • Fine motor control during smaller tattoos.

What needs work?

  • Loosening up when I’m getting frustrated with art.
  • Remembering all of the equipment I need when I leave Affinity OR the Cabin.
  • Digital gestures.

What did I learn?

Step away and come back when I’m feeling frustrated. Make a checklist of stuff that I need to carry back and forth from the cabin to work.

Session: #7

Duration: 2.50 hours

Media Used: 

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